Sunday, March 25, 2018

Josie sleeping slideshow

Maybe it is the result of being the 3rd child, but Josie is able to fall asleep anywhere: 

January thru March

Things have been crazy this year with a new job opportunities and dealing with dogs... so the blog has suffered. But here are some pics to get caught up:

Luke took the girls to a daddy/daughter dance:

I started brewing kombucha which quickly got of out and and I can barely keep up:

Luke hanging out with his coworkers:

The kids and I attended a global unity fair at CSU

The kids also tested for their next belt in Taekwando

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Funny pictures

Every time I download the pictures off my phone, I find a treasure trove of funny pictures. 

Sunday, March 4, 2018


After re-homing Waldo, we started searching for a new dog. This time we decided to go with a puppy and we found a dog rescue in Boulder that had a boxer-lab puppy available. This rescue is affiliated with a groomer in New Mexico who rescues street dogs and fosters them until they find their forever homes. We drove up to Boulder to get the puppy straight off the transport from New Mexico. He was 16 weeks old and as sweet as could be: 

We decided to name him Luigi. The kids love having a puppy around. 

He seems to be doing well with crate training and potty training. 

Except for that one time we came home to this. Hours of bleach cleaning and trying not to vomit!

But he is such a sweet boy and a great addition to the family.

Sunday, February 4, 2018


After months of searching for a dog, we decided to visit two dogs from the Colorado Prison Trained Dog Program. This program rescues dogs, takes them for 2 months and lets prisoners train them, and then sells them. These dogs are very well trained and they assured us that they do not accept aggressive dogs or dog breeds into their program. 

We drove to Denver of December 26th to see two dogs, Waldo & Tobin. Jack immediately bonded with Waldo who was super calm and just layer in the kids laps. Tobin, on the other hand, was 80lbs of rambunctiousness. After a couple hours of visiting with both dogs, we decided on Waldo. 

The first month with Waldo was rather uneventful. He came to us crate trained and knowing many commands. He loved to eat/chew on everything. You could not take your eyes off him for one minute without him destroying something. As a result, Waldo had to be crated a good amount of the day since I couldn't always watch him. The kids enjoyed having a dog around, especially Jack

The dog training program told us they thought Waldo would be a good runner. We tried running with him a couple times, but they usually ended like this with Waldo laying on the ground and refusing to run.

 And after every run, he would collapse on the sunny spot by the back door

More pictures of life with Waldo

Towards the end of February, Waldo sliced his paw on something in the backyard. It was either a piece of metal landscape edging or it was a shred of plastic from a big plastic container that Waldo had torn to shreds the day before. In any case, the slice was pretty severe and his paw had to be bandaged and he had to take some medication for pain and wear a cone around his head. 

He was an unhappy camper. That weekend the kids were watching TV with Waldo in the living room while Luke and I were a few feet away in the kitchen. The story we got from the kids was that Lily was petting the dog nicely but Josie had taken a toy away from him. In any case, Waldo attacked Lily. Thankfully he had a cone on his head so he couldn't get in too close, but he bit her in the face and as everyone started screaming, he would not back off. I was the first to get to him and had to pull him off her by the cone on his head. 

Then we had to take Lily to the ER, which led to a visit by animal control. Waldo had to be quarantined for 10 days but we didn't want to keep him at our house, so we had to board him with our vet. During those 10 days we contacted the Prison Trained Dog Program who told us that Waldo would be euthanized if he was returned. We did not want this to happen as we still believed Waldo was a great dog and his attack was related to his injury and the medication he was on. 

A tech at our vet's office decided to adopt Waldo. It was a great match! This vet tech was a single dude who was studying to be a veterinarian and his roommate was a dog trainer. We felt good that we sent Waldo to a good home

The kids were able to say goodbye to Waldo and know that he would be well taken care of. 

 Waldo even has his own Instagram account now so we can always see what he's up to: