Saturday, July 26, 2014

Visit from family

After our camping trip everyone came back to our house for another couple weeks. Our new place has a spare bedroom where Grandma could sleep and then Grammie, Amanda and Josiah set up camp in the basement. Jack and Lily loved having a full house and we spent the next few weeks doing all sorts of fun activities. 

One day we took a trip to the Denver Aquarium:

We had lunch at the Aquarium restaurant and the kids were amazed by the mermaids

Lily says "I didn't know there were mermaids!"
After lunch we made our way through the aquarium

We also spent lots of time at the park by our house:

And plenty of time lounging around the house

One weekend Papa stopped by and we were able to celebrate his birthday
Tired from all the excitement:

One night we had a girls night out:

And one night we had a poker game
We were able to celebrate Nani's birthday
One night Luke and I went out dancing
Another day we visited the Discovery Museum

And we also had a family hike to a local waterfall:

Another day we took a long walk/bike ride to the grocery store and rewarded the kids with starbucks

On the weekends Luke was able to get in plenty of fishing. Thankfully the fishing luck has returned and the boys are catching lots of fish again.

It is mostly small pan fry fish that they have to release back into the lakes but they are still having fun catching the little guys. One day Jack talked Luke into bringing some pan fry fish home to eat. It was a huge mess to clean the fish and not really worth the effort for the few bites of meat to be had. Only Luke and Grandma were brave enough to eat the fish:

Most of the time Lily and I would stay behind while everyone else went fishing because most fishing spots are too hot/boring for non-fishers. But one day we went to our local lake where there was shade and a park nearby: 

Lily's favorite part of fishing is the worms!

We spent one evening at Ft. Fun

You know someone (Luke) is obsessed with fishing when the first thought he has at the paddle boat dock is "I wonder if we can fish here"

Another day we all went to the city pool for an afternoon of fun

And the last day with family we made a trip to the lake for some beach swimming

We had a great three weeks with family and everyone was sad to see them go. Now I am just hoping this last part of summer will go by quickly as I am getting to the stage where I am done with being pregnant. Everyone is just ready to see this little baby soon!

And I leave you with Lily's latest "selfie"