Sunday, November 27, 2016


It's November and things are finally getting back to normal. Our kitchen is finished and all major renovations at the house are done. There are plenty of little projects that keep us busy on the weekends but our weekdays are back on a normal schedule.

The kids are on swim team and they had their first swim meet. Jack and Lily have improved in their swimming by leaps and bounds over these last few months!

The kids swam for over an hour, they did so great.

Here is Lily doing one lap:

And Jack doing a lap:

The last big project at the house was the kitchen backsplash. It took a week to install but it looks beautiful.

It's finally gotten cold around here. However, Josie doesn't like to wear clothes. Here she is dressed "warm" for our walk.

The kids at the park

On a warm day we took the kids for a 6 mile bike/run

We met friends for a breakfast with Santa at the mall

Lily and her best friend Hazel

Jack loves to read and journal in his tent at night

Here are some videos from the month:

This is Josie talking about the stocking incident. We had our stockings hanging over the fireplace by way of these heavy stocking weights. Well, Josie pulled on one stocking and the weight fell off and hit her in the head. Thank God it barely grazed her cheek because it could have really injured her. In this video she is talking about that as well as how much she hates Santa

Here is Jack explaining how Thanksgiving started:

Thursday, November 3, 2016

School picture day: Kindergarten & 3rd Grade

School picture day! Kids all dressed up and ready for pictures:

Jack 3rd grade

Lily Kindergarten

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Family pictures!

Our 2016 family pictures. The kids were so exited to have their pictures taken: 

But thankfully, we got some good shots: