Monday, February 29, 2016

February Happenings

February has been a beautiful month. The first week we had snow, but otherwise we have had amazing weather. 

One weekend we were even able to try fishing. No fish were biting, but it was still a beautiful day: 

We have also started riding bikes and going to the park again. The mountain bike park by our house was renovated and it's really fun. The kids always have a blast here:

For Valentine's day we went to Qdoba for the BOGO for a kiss day:

Then the kids helped to make a fancy dinner one night. Lily decorated the table and Jack wrote out the menu:

My grandpa came for a visit

My Aunt Kristi & Farrell also came out one weekend. We were able to get a group together to do another escape room. The escape rooms are so fun, it is addicting!

And like always, we spent lots of time dancing!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Marathon Training: Month 2

We are in the thick of training. Even our weekends are training. I usually take my long run on Saturday morning and Luke does his on Sunday. 

The girls have to spend several hours in the stroller:

But we try to time it right to fit in a trip to the park after my runs: 

We got some new running gear to help with the discomfort. Including compression leggings and some rollers: 

One of the races we are training for is around the Horsetooth reservoir. It is a tough race with several big hills. Here we are one morning training for that run. You can see the dam in the background... that is just one of several hills we have to climb:
 Here is me with my running buddy Ashley. I spend most Saturday mornings doing my long runs with her. Nothing helps pass the time on a long run like having a friend:

Friday, February 26, 2016


It is so much fun to watch the bond between Lily and Josie. Sisters are so special, I can only hope they always love each other this much!

Here they are after I found them being suspiciously quiet. They were in Lily's room putting makeup on each other: 

Girls are so much fun!

When Jack is at school, the girls and I get to choose more "girly" music to dance to. This is their all time favorite song!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Funny things they say... birds and the bees edition

So the time came when Jack asked "that" question. Apparently he called Elise (the girl he has a crush on) a "sexy lady." I guess it is somewhat my fault since we love to listen and dance to the Gangnam Style song. But in any case, Elise is a very mature 8 year old so she went on to tell Jack exactly what sex was and why he can't call her a sexy lady.

So he came home with those questions and we went with it. Explaining the whole process very matter-of-fact like.

All was well.

Then, the next morning at breakfast this was our conversation.

Jack: "Mom, I'm going to have lots of kids when I grow up"
Me: "Oh yea, why?"
Jack: "Because I'm going to have lots of sex"
Me: -------------------

What do you even say to that! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tiny Tornado

Josie is a handful! Our 'easy' little baby is turning into a wild toddler! I have to constantly keep my eye on this one, she is always into something. 

One of her favorite things is to climb on top of our dining table. 

And she has started biting, and hitting and throwing fits:
But she is so cute that even the grocery store people give her a cup of whipped cream to keep her happy during grocery shopping.
Sometimes she is so very sweet
But oh the messes. So many messes. She is constantly covered in food, or pen, or markers, or paint...
Or poop. She has learned to dig into her dirty diaper...
But her kissy faces are so cute that I think how fun it would be to have another one...
And then I remember the tiny tornado and everything she leaves in her wake: 
And the constant cleaning
All the food off the floors
The cleaning never ends...
And I'm constantly grossed out by the things she eats. Like a cheese stick covered in green marker:

But she is so stinkin' cute. This little girl has us all wrapped around her little finger. Here she is showing off some of the words she knows:

And here is a peek into her new favorite word "no" and her attitude:

Monday, February 15, 2016

School & Snow Day!

Jack's school had a fundraiser at Chuck E Cheese. It's not my favorite place, but we went and the kids had a great time! 

Josie even had so much fun she passed out on Nani!

In the beginning of February a big storm came in. All weekend the news talked about a huge storm so Monday morning Jack was disappointed when he still had school. It snowed all day Monday and then all night, Tuesday morning Jack finally got his snow day!

This is what we woke up to:

What to do with three kids on a snow day? #1 Stay in pajamas and jump on beds:
#2 stay in pajamas and do crafts

#3 put snow clothes on top of pajamas and play in the snow!

Thankfully it was a quick storm and all the snow melted pretty quick. 

By Valentines day all the snow was gone. Jack's class had a small party for Valentines day:

One of the mom's brought the game 'pie face." Such a simple idea, yet the kids loved it!