Sunday, February 28, 2016

Marathon Training: Month 2

We are in the thick of training. Even our weekends are training. I usually take my long run on Saturday morning and Luke does his on Sunday. 

The girls have to spend several hours in the stroller:

But we try to time it right to fit in a trip to the park after my runs: 

We got some new running gear to help with the discomfort. Including compression leggings and some rollers: 

One of the races we are training for is around the Horsetooth reservoir. It is a tough race with several big hills. Here we are one morning training for that run. You can see the dam in the background... that is just one of several hills we have to climb:
 Here is me with my running buddy Ashley. I spend most Saturday mornings doing my long runs with her. Nothing helps pass the time on a long run like having a friend:

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