Sunday, January 31, 2016

Marathon training: Month 1

Marathon training is in full swing. We are running over 100 miles a month right now. Not so easy to do during the winter. I try to make it out as long as it is over 20 degrees, but getting outside is a chore. First I have to make sure Josie is tired and well fed. Then I have to put her 'fuzzy bunny suit' and her blankets in the dryer to make sure they are nice and warm. If I time it just right, then she will be warm and cozy and sleep for my entire run. It is the one hour of quiet I get during the day. Some days I push the double stroller (such a pain)...

And other days I just have Josie. You can see in this picture how tired she is. She knows as soon as her 'fuzzy bunny suit' (her pink and white bunting) goes on that it is almost nap time. 

Luke has his own training schedule and finds time to run during his lunch break. He has been afflicted with terrible shin splints and is doing his best keeping up with his training plan while managing the pain.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

January Fun

For Christmas my parents gave Lily and Josie six months of gymnastics lessons. Lily was so excited and was counting down the days for gymnastics to start. Here is Josie in the tiniest gymnastics outfit I could find: 

They both loved their first class. It was Josie's first time doing anything like this. Poor third child is so deprived compared to the things her siblings got to do...
Lily smiled throughout the entire class. She loved every minute.

Lily has a new favorite game on my phone. It is where you take a picture of yourself and then you can put makeup on, change your hair, accessorize, etc. It is pretty amazing. She loves to take pictures of herself...
And Josie...
And me...
And even Jack... it always makes for a good laugh all around.
We also spent time at our friends house and they make a king cake. Lily got the lucky piece with the bean inside so she was crowned queen for the night.
We even got to go out to lunch with Luke one day. We went to an Indian restaurant near our house and the girls were thrilled that the tables were covered in paper so they could color
These girls love to color!
And Josie is still as cute as ever. She is a tiny little bugger. At her checkup the doctor said she is in the 2%... meaning 98% of kids her age are bigger than her. She is just a teeny tiny little thing. But she is oh so cute. And she loves to cuddle... especially after her showers.

And speaking of doctor appointments... at Josie's last appointment she had to get some vaccinations. Jack and Lily were so concerned for Josie when they found out she had to get shots. Lily sang to Josie the whole time we were waiting for the nurse to come give her the shot. It was adorable. Lily is such a caring sister. 

Here she is being so cute. 16 months old and still wearing 6 month clothing.
One of our resolutions this year was to make sure to take each kid out on a date night once per month. Here are Jack and me on our first date of the year...eating lots of ice cream!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Nightmare on Rossmere .... revisited

The saga continues...

The guy who is renting our house right now while he attempts to get another loan to buy our house. Who is under contract with us to buy the house before April 2016. Who was supposed to buy the house in March of 2015. Yeah, that guy. Well, that guy just broke contract and let us know he is not able to get a loan. He can't buy our house. He will move out as soon as the 1 year rental agreement is over.

Ugh... and it starts all over again. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Great start to a New Year!

We had plans for a big night on New Years Eve. We were going to go downtown and brave the crowds to watch fireworks and see shows... but it has been so cold... I ran out to the store around 4pm and it was already freezing...I knew we wouldn't last all night outside in the cold. So instead, we stayed home and played games. We put a countdown on Netflix around 8pm and did a New Years celebration with the kids. They were excited because they thought they got to stay up till midnight. But we had them in bed by 9pm. It was awesome. 

And as for New Years Resolutions, Luke and I have signed up for some races. We are both doing a half marathon in April and Luke is signed up for a full Marathon in May. This means lots and lots of running.

The first weekend of the New Year we headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park for some snowshoeing. Apparently everyone else had the same idea:
Once we finally got to the trailhead, Luke got to carry all the gear 
The kids were excited to try on their snowshoes.

But walking in them turned out harder than they expected. Lots of tears before we even started the walk
Here we are finally heading out for the walk
Turns out snowshoeing takes much longer than anticipated. We had to be very patient. The kids wanted to sit and play in the snow more than they wanted to walk.

By the end of the hike both kids were very tired. Lily had enough of snowshoeing.
So we brought out the sled and found a hill to send the kids down. They had so much fun.