Friday, September 13, 2013

Rainy days

What to do during the days when the rain came? Jack's school was cancelled, all stores were closed, most roads were closed...even our clubhouse was closed. We decided to put on our rain gear and go spend some time outside.

Splashing in puddles

Looking for worms
Rescuing slugs by moving them off the sidewalks

More puddles

Floating leaves in the gutters
Watching leaves float under walkways
Building dams
Surprisingly our little adventure turned into a half day outing. I couldn't believe how much fun the kids had floating leaves and building dams. Turned out that our rainy day wasn't so boring after all.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last camping trip cancelled

We had plans to go camping this weekend with some friends in Rocky Mountain National Park. It would have been our last camping trip of the season. But then the rain came and the roads up the mountain are closed. Oh well, I feel like I've had enough camping for this summer. I will stay nice and warm and dry in my own bed this weekend :)
Road we take to go up the mountain

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9 years part 2

As an anniversary gift to ourselves, Luke and I signed up to do our first triathlon together. Of course, the week before the race I got really sick and contemplated dropping out...but I started feeling better just in time and we finished the triathlon together. We didn't even try to "race" but we ended up both placing in the top 3 for our age groups which was amazing. Overall it was a fun experience and we'd love to do another one next summer.
After the race

Trying to show off our numbers that
they wrote on our arms with a sharpie.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Jack has started the new adventure of school. He went from being home with me all day/every day for the last five years, to 8 hours a day at kindergarten. Quite an adjustment for both of us. But I'm very happy to say that he is doing great! I'm sure it helps that Lily and I are at his school volunteering at least twice a week so we still get to eat lunch with him and play with him during the week. And his kindergarten class only has 8 kids in it, so he gets plenty of attention from his teacher. But so far, this has been a great introduction to school for him. 
Jack on his first day of school

At lunch with Jack and his tiny class

While I was volunteering to move chairs after school, the kids
were having fun with Lily's markers
She thought she was pretty funny
drawing all over her face

Just Lily and mommy at the park
for a change

The best part of school is the day Jack gets to ride the bus
home. It is over an hour bus ride so I only have him ride it
once per week. But he always looks forward to the day
he gets to ride the bus home. 
Since we volunteer so much at the school, Lily has gotten to know all the teachers and they sometimes will let her in on the kindergarten crafts. One day she got to play in shaving creme with all the kinders

More pictures of Jack's class

Jack in his classroom

P.E. time

Art class

I love the school that Jack is going to. He is lucky to have an amazing teacher and principle and staff that work at the school. I am looking forward to the rest of the year...and many more to come. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Here are some recent videos:

This is our favorite book to read before bedtime. Both kids have it memorized now and I caught a sweet sibling moment with Jack reading the book to Lily:

I love the way Lily dances: 

These kids are seriously crazy! After a nice warm bath, they thought it would be fun to turn the water to freezing and pour freezing water on themselves. They did this for at least 20 minutes and they were as cold as ice cubes when I finally made them get out. I don't know who in their right mind could think this is fun... it would be considered torture in my opinion.