Sunday, March 27, 2016

Visit from family and Easter

Grammie and Amanda flew out for a quick visit the week after Spring Break. The night they flew in, a huge storm moved in. Thankfully they made it to our house before the snow started falling, but this is what we woke up to the next morning: 
14" of snow overnight
School was cancelled so it was perfect that we all got to stay home and hang out together. We had a fun week. Grammie and Amanda were able to join us at the library when Jack's class got to sing a song in French for the kids: 

Grammie got Lily this matching PJ set for her and her doll. Lily loves it and puts a new doll or animal in the dress everyday:

When the weather was nicer, we spent a day in Estes and found a pretty trail to walk

 Here is an innocent looking photo... Josie was looking at rocks with Jack. Not even 5 minutes after this photo was taken, we found her standing in the river. We all took our eyes off of here for less then 10 seconds and she ran right towards the stream and walked right in. It is a good reminder that we can NEVER take our eyes off of this one.
 Jack and Lily had fun posing on our hike

 After the hike we found a nice place for dinner and I loved this sign they posted
 We were able to celebrate Easter while Grammie and Amanda were out. Our friends invited us all to their house for an Easter egg hunt and games. Here is Lily enjoying her lunch of a donut and potato chips
 Jack was thrilled to see his old buddies again
 Kids doing a sack race
 Jack and Luke won the egg toss

 These friends have 10 acres so the egg hunt was massive. The kids had a blast finding all the eggs

 And then going through their stash

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Break and more fun

Spring break came and we got crappy weather and sick kids. We tried to make the best of it and enjoy some fun things. Jack got several puzzles and had fun working on them
 Lily spent lots of time sleeping off a nasty cold:

Everyone got to witness Josie's first poop in the potty

And the time Lily overflowed the bathroom toilet and then tried to clean it up herself....

As soon as Spring Break was over the nice weather came back again. The girls and I got to go on some walks: 


 Josie at gymnastics

 The kids rode their bikes to the bike park again

 Josie got a drum set
 And, like always, she made lots of messes

Lily took off her training wheels. We had tried to take off her training wheels last year and she fell one time and wouldn't get back on her bike. But this time, she was ready. She asked to ride with no training wheels and she rode perfectly on her first try. 

Josie inherited the Strider bike
 Lily found some lipstick...
 Jack loves when Josie sleeps on him.
 Josie learned this sassy little face
 Here is Josie hiding in the gym lockers

The little daredevil jumping off the step ladder

 I love the outfits that Lily puts together. She wears her Broncos dress almost every time she goes to preschool.

Lily loves to sing and she always sings with so much emotion

 I do a lot of cleaning. The kids are very messy so I make sure to clean under the couches everyday. It is a good thing too. The other day I pulled the couch over to clean under it and I found this smelly surprise. I have no idea how it got there...

Jack is finishing up his 3rd year of music class. He hates practicing piano every morning, but he is getting really good at it. Josie loves to join him on the piano too: 

 Jack's 2nd grade class picture

Sunday, March 13, 2016

St. Patty's day parade

Jack's school was in the St. Patty's day parade this year. It was fun to be walking the parade instead of watching it!

Here are the girls excited before the parade
 Jack and all his school buddies ready to start the walk
 The whole group
 All the girls love Jack! Every time I pick him up from school he has girls hanging on him.
 After the parade, we hung out downtown with our friends and the kids played
 Josie seemed intrigued by Luke's new look