Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Reno Diaries

Renovations are stressful. That's what everyone has told me.

Truth is I didn't expect it to be very stressful, after all we had a month to get everything done before moving in and we had a decent size budget. But I didn't anticipate all the decisions that had to be made about EVERY TINY LITTLE THING! And the last minute changes and additions and then the contractor drama. It is turning out to be quite the stressful experience.

Here we are the day we closed on the house before any work started.

Kids were playing in the dining room

And in the kitchen

The next day the renovations started. First thing was to open up the wall between kitchen and dining room. The whole renovation centered on this wall being gone. We made sure (before buying) that the wall was not load bearing. However, no one could have predicted that venting was running through the walls. Game changer.

The next step was taking apart the kitchen. Our original plan was to paint all the cabinets and reinstall them. We repositioned one to give us an idea of how an island in the center of the kitchen would feel

But by the next day everything was carted out to the garage

Part of our renovation was to install canned lights. Rerouting all the electrical was tricky and then there was an issue that they didn't line up the new lights with the existing light over the sink. Huge issue that took a few days to sort through and finally come up with a solution.

By this time we decided to scrap the idea of painting old cabinets (would cost $2,000+) and buy new cabinets. This meant that we could work and island into the design. Here is the support for the island.

A view from the family room all the way through the kitchen into the dining room

Josie has been such a trooper through this whole process. We are dealing with renovations from 8am until we pick kids up from school at 3pm. This means her nap time is usually in a stroller or in the ergo. No down time for this little peanut.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

August Photos

The last few weeks of summer vacation we enjoyed more nights out at Ft. Fun

The kids enjoyed sleeping in and hogging the bed

And dance parties

And taking the Max downtown for ice cream and concert

August was the month of sleep training for Josie. Luke was in charge of bedtime and some nap times. Josie has learned that when daddy says "Go to sleep Josie" she just needs to go to sleep. No fussing at all, she just lays right down and goes to sleep. It's pretty amazing.
The kids learned that if they fight enough that I will make them do chores all day long.

We went to a carnival at our gym and the kids got to get their faces painted
And dunk their swimming teacher into ice cold water

We also spent time at our friends house where the kids got to relax in the hammocks

And the day before school started we used our rain checks and went back to Elitch gardens.

Josie got to spend the day going on her favorite ride. The "Day-O" ride. She loves this ride and talks about it every day

Here are the kids goofing off more

Jack jumping off a big cliff that he and Luke found while paddle boarding

Jack riding down a huge drop off we found on a bike trail at Luke's work

Monday, August 22, 2016

School! And time with Josie

The kids both started school! Love their first day picture:

I think Lily's favorite part of school is the uniforms. She loves her school uniforms so much that she even wears them on the weekend.

Everyday Josie is so excited when we pick the kids up. She is always so happy to see them again.

Jack and some of his best buddies

With the kids at school all day there is more time with Josie. She is such a little ham

We've been so busy with the remodel that most of our day is spent running errands. But sometimes we stop for a treat

Josie loves to get into my makeup. Here she put on mascara

My little ham ready for a walk

She's also a little thief. She is known to take anything (iPhones, keys, rocks, etc) and put them in her clothes and walk away. Here she is trying to take some of the rocks

She is also very interested in doing everything herself. Even buttoning her shoe... which could take 30 minutes.

Oh, and not to mention she is ready to potty train already. I haven't been pushing her to potty train (she's not even 2), but she is ready. And if I don't take her to the potty she will end up playing with her poop.

And she throws major fits to rival any 2 year old. One of the biggest challenges is getting her into her car seat. There is always a fight!

And she wants to do everything by herself! Here is a fit that happened when I tried to help her bring her bike down the curb. I guess she wanted to bring her bike down the curb by herself...

But then the Josie dance is so cute that it makes up for all the fits

But she is so bossy... oh, so bossy!

And her little voice is so sweet. I could listen to her talk all day long. 

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Fun run and peach festival

One of our favorite kids run is the Peach Festival. It is always such a fun day.

Starting with the 1-mile kids fun run. Jack is ready at the front of the line:

Jack runs 9 minute miles now and Lily and I follow up behind him just at 10 minutes. Jack crossing the finish

Here is Lily ready to cross the finish line!

After the fun run, we spent the afternoon at the peach festival. The kids spent hours going around every booth gathering swag. Here they are when they finally came back with all their stash

Then we spent some time at the kids area letting them blow through money on the bounce houses. One of their favorites was this one where they had to jump/duck over the bars

And then they waited in line for over an hour to try this obstacle course. None of the kids were able to master this...except for Lily. She worked it like a boss!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Fair and Gnarly Barley Brew Fest

We spent a day at the county fair and brew festival. Before heading to the brew fest, the kids got a chance to try and catch some fish in this big tank.

Jack caught one!

After that we headed over to the Gnarly Barley Brew Festival where we met several of our friends for an afternoon of beer tastings

After drinking lots of beer, we headed out to the county fair

I took Jack on that spinning cage ride that I used to love as a kid. I don't love it anymore. I just had to close my eyes and wait for it to be over. Jack thought it was fun!

The kids each brought their lemonade money and wanted to buy the $7 slurpee drinks at the fair. We convinced them to leave and buy $1 slurpees at 7-eleven. And thus we were able to escape the county fair.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lemonade Stand

Jack saw some neighborhood kids selling lemonade and it gave him the idea to try his own lemonade stand. He has experimented selling all sorts of things, lemonade, gatorade, bananas, suckers, candy, stale chips. Anything that we have in the house, Jack will try to sell.

Jack made signs with his friends

And the business started coming

And the money kept rolling in

Jack averaged $10 per day. He was so excited that he would run out to the lemonade stand at 7am and stay out there all day long. Jack is such a money-orientated child. The more money he made, the more he wanted to sell lemonade.

He saved up close to $40, and then blew it all on arcade games... but more on that later.