Monday, February 27, 2017

February Part 2

The awesome weather continued to the end of February. All the snow melted and we were at the park in t-shirts. This day there was a man making big bubbles for the kids, they loved it!

Lily was the "Star of the Week" in her class. She got to bring pictures of all her favorite things and then present to the class in French. Jack even got to come watch her and help read some books to the kindergarteners.
 Lily and Mme G

One of the questions was "what is your favorite animal?" Lily chose unicorn and had me take this picture of her to show the class. 

During her presentation, Lily surprised us with a song that her and Hazel had been practicing:

We finally sold this car!

We took the kids to hike Horsetooth Falls.

Here are the kids in slow motion trail running down the hill

There is never a hike with kids that doesn't end in tears for someone. Here Josie is mad because she can't climb to the top of the big rock with the other kids. It's so hard to be two.

Jack and Lily on the big rock

Another nice day we took the kids on a bike ride to the mountain bike park

Most of the time Josie has to ride in the trailer, but for shorter distances she loves to ride her scooter

Josie and her favorite t-shirt

Lily and her best friend so happy that they wore matching outfits

For Luke's birthday we had a poker party at our house with some friends 

This is the present that the kids made for Luke

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February Part 1

February gave us a glimpse of springtime in the winter. It has been so nice that we were able to be outside a lot this month. 

One evening the kids built themselves a hot tub in our backyard

 One weekend I took the kids on a 6 mile bike ride. Luke dropped us off at a trail near his work and then we rode 6 miles to the discovery museum. It took us 2 hours to get the kids were always finding reasons to stop.

For example, we barely made it 100 feet before we stopped to play on this bridge

A couple minutes later the kids just HAD to stop and swing on this bench

And then we had to stop at this tree and take a picture

It was a pretty sight

And Jack wanted me to take a picture of this outhouse

And Lily found these water treatment towers that she wanted a picture of
 And of course we had to stop at every trailhead and read the billboards

And then, along the way we found this hidden hiking path for kids
 It was pretty neat and the kids were able to follow the signs in a little circle path

And then Jack just wanted me to take a picture of this amazing view

At the end of 6 miles the kids were getting tired and it didn't help that I took a wrong turn and made them bike a half mile out of the way. By the time we finally got to the museum they were not happy campers.

So we decided to walk downtown and grab a bite to eat. Jack made up his own hobo carrying stick

We found a delicious hamburger joint downtown and refueled

Then the kids were ready for the museum. They spent 4 hours running around here. So much to see and to do

The tornado simulator... Josie doesn't look too happy
  But eventually she loved it!
 more museum
I couldn't handle much longer so after 4 hours I called Luke to pick us and all the bikes up. There was no way any of us had the energy to bike home. 

In addition to the nice weather, we have had some crazy wind storms. I watched our trampoline get lifted off the ground by the wind. I'm not really a fan of the wind, but Josie loves it

Luke and Lily were able to go to a Father Daughter dance this month. 

Valentines day was a fun day of parties at school

And then we went to a brewery that night for cupcakes and beer

Afterwards Jack helped me make a heart pizza

Jack got this video of Josie dancing on film. This girl loves to dance!

Jack and Lily, on the other hand, could use some lessons: