Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer week 3

Great weather and great friends. Week three of summer is still going awesome!

Jack spent several hours working on one of his birthday presents 

We spent time swimming at the pool at my gym

Jack graduated from Tiger Scouts

We went to a drive in movie with friends

By the end of the movie I was the only one awake. Although Luke knew I was about to take a picture so he opened his eyes at the last moment
 We had fun at Jack's best friend Will's birthday party

 Will's dad is from Switzerland and knows good food. Everytime we are at their house he cooks amazing meals for us. This night was no exception, even Josie had to agree that the rack of lamb was the best we have ever tasted!

 Josie is getting closer to walking. The kids get so excited to see her standing up.

On Friday night we went to a camp out at a local Farm. It was hassle free camping as the farm provided all the food and activities so all we needed to do was bring the tent:

The kids had a blast visiting the farm animals
 Eating their hotdog dinner
 Taking a hay ride

 Playing on farm equipment
 Roasting s'mores
 Eating s'mores
 At the end of the night, the girls headed home to sleep in comfy beds and the boys stayed and camped out
 The next day we had a BBQ at our house and several of Jack's friends came over to play in the water. We also had a water balloon fight
 Papi brought some small fireworks and poppers for the kids
 Then we put on a movie for the kids
 So the parents could play Cards Against Humanity

Monday, June 22, 2015

Butterfly pets

At the start of summer we got our caterpillars and studied how they change into butterflies. 

Over the next two weeks the kids got to watch the caterpillars transform into a chrysalis and then we got to wait for the butterflies to emerge.
And then came the day when we had to set them free: