Friday, July 29, 2016

More photos from July

Some pictures from throughout the month of more fun summer activities. 

Jack loves filling up water balloons. He will sit for hours to fill up balloons. He even got Lily involved to take the filled water balloons and put them in the water table. 

 One afternoon Luke and Jack rented a paddle board and went out on the reservoir to fish. They found a really fun jumping rock and took turns jumping.

Jack and Josie skateboarding down the neighborhood

Josie trying to catch a rabbit

The kids love to tear apart the house. I will have the downstairs all picked up and tidy, then I'll go upstairs to clean and meanwhile they will destroy the downstairs area. Their favorite thing is to make blanket tents and tunnels throughout the living room

Jack edited our Netflix account. I can't help but laugh every time I see this

We spent lots of time at the local parks

Lily discovered the face painting kit that was hidden away from her last birthday party
 She even gave Josie a face painting
 Then after she washed it all off she says "Mom, I look like and old lady.... I look like YOU" ... Thanks Lily.
 We picked up a used bike for Josie. She is too small for the strider but really wants to have a bike like her siblings. This works great until she gets big enough for the strider bike.
 More time at the park
 One evening when Luke and Jack were camping, the girls and I joined our friends for a trip downtown. We rode the Max
 And played in the fountain downtown
 And walked around the shops. It was a great time
 Josie wearing Lily's socks and sunglasses
 Josie spraying Jack and Lily with the hose
 The kids watching Luke bat during his company baseball game
 At the company party (back in June) Jack won Luke a close parking spot. So for the month of July Luke got to park right in front
 We bought a house!! More on that later...

The kids and I dressed up like cows to get free food at Chick Fil A

We also went to 7-eleven for free slurpee day. 

That's all I have from July! 

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Outdoor Club

This summer we joined some friends from the kids school in an outdoor club. We have met several times at a park to play: 

We have done some hikes, including hiking Horsetooth Falls with a park ranger.
A picture of the whole group
 The ranger showed the kids all sorts of interesting things including the fact that some trees smell like vanilla
 Once we reached the falls the kids got to play in the water

Jack and I also helped one day with a volunteer group to restore an archery range. It was 4 hours of hard work clearing brush. 
 This was our area and by the time we were finished all this brush was gone.
Once all the volunteers finished, they let the kids practice archery on the newly restored ranges

Another weekend, Luke and Jack drove up to Breckenridge for another volunteer opportunity. This time they spent the weekend camping with other volunteers with a mission to connect a trail. The adults spent 2 days (8 hours a day) trail building, while a local science school took the kids all day on adventures. Everyone met up again at dinner time for camp food and fun. Luke and Jack both had a great time. Here are some pictures of Jack from his adventures with the science school


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Camping, WaterWorld & Fort Fun

The Windsor Family Campout was this month. It is a one night campout at a park and they provide all the food and activities. We only have to bring the tent and sleeping bags. It is the easiest camping trip every year and the kids have a blast. This year we invited several of their friends so it was a great time!

 Once it gets dark they show a movie on the big screen
 The park had been updated since last year to include this new swing where a baby and another person can ride together. It was awesome!

In addition to providing food for the evening, the city also provided crafts, s'mores, and boats

It was a great time and we look forward to going again next year! 

The next week, the kids were super excited to get invited to a birthday at WaterWorld. Originally we hadn't planned on going to WaterWorld this year since Jack chose Elitch Gardens for his birthday. But now we had a reason to go and the kids loved it!
 Jack and his friend Sam on the tube ride

 Josie exploring the kiddie playground
 Dippin dots!

 Jack with the birthday boy

We've also spent many nights at Ft Fun this summer. Luke is on a softball team at his work and he wants to practice his batting so we've been visiting the batting cages at Ft. Fun. While Luke practices in the batting cages, the kids spend 2 hours on the slides. They always sleep good those nights!