Monday, August 31, 2015

Company Party, Peach Festival & Kids Triathlon

After we got back from vacation we got right back ingot he swing of things. Luke's company threw a party at the park:

There was face painting: 

And sack races:

And other races

Josie had fun walking around
One weekend we had another fun run at the Peach Festival. Here are the girls before the race:

 Jack and Lily both ran the entire mile. After the race they were so proud
 We spent the rest of the day at the Peach festival. Jack loved taking out the guy in the dunk tank
It has been nice weather in the evenings, so one Friday night we decided to take a bike ride. We rode to a local brewery for some drinks and then we let the kids play at the park on the ride home. 

 The girls in the trailer

 Asleep by the time we got home
 We spent one day driving up to Red Feather Lakes to check out a campground. We stopped at one of the lakes to fish for a few hours

 Jack participated in a kids triathlon. Here he is getting ready for the swim
 And for the bike ride

 After the triathlon we walked over to check out Dungeons & Drafts

 It is a new brewery that just opened which specializes in liquor & games of all sorts
Here is the game selection
 We got some drinks and played a new dice game
 After drinks, we went to our friends house for a photoshoot. They needed people in workout gear so we both volunteered

Luke on the hammock with the girls

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Second Grade and Preschool

Jack started second grade! He wasn't too excited on his first morning of school:

 Ready for the day:
 Jack's classroom door
 He finally lost one of his top teeth as well:

While Jack was at school, Lily was able to spend some time with her own friends. We went hiking:

And to the gardens

 When Jack found out that Lily's friends were coming over during the day he freaked out that they would touch his stuff. He gathered all his favorite toys and put them in a box with this sign:
"Don't touch this stuff inside here"

 Lily started preschool the next week.

 Luke takes her to preschool on his way to work and I pick her up. Lily loves riding in Luke's car:
 Lily is quite the little artist. Here is a picture she drew of herself with Jack and Josie
And Lily in her sunglasses and me with my purse

One of Jack's best friends switched schools this year so we have been finding time outside of school to see him:

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Vacation Part 6: Glenwood Springs

We left Vegas at 4am on Saturday morning. We were able to make it all the way to Glenwood Springs (8hrs) by lunchtime. We spent the afternoon at the hot springs. It was a beautiful day and it was fun to see Glenwood Springs in the summer.

After the hot springs, we grabbed dinner at a local Polish restaurant and made it back home in time for a normal bedtime. It was a surprisingly painless drive and a great way to end the vacation