Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween and more

We enjoyed many Halloween outings this year, but the favorite was a "trunk or treat" festival at a local church. They had a fun spinning ride that both kids got to go on:

waiting in line for the ride

Cute dragon
Then, in the parking lot there were rows of cars. Some were decorated, some weren't but they all had candy in the trunk (hence "trunk or treat")

Candy in the trunk
Well decorated van
It took some courage, but Lily finally went into the van.
Checking out their candy stash.

I arranged for a local painting studio to come to our clubhouse one Friday night to paint the sunset over our lake. It was a lot of fun and our apartment supplied all the food and drinks.

Luke's finished masterpiece of the sunset over our lake:

My grandpa stopped by for a visit on his way home from Montana. The kids remembered him from last year and were really excited to see their Papa again.

During the warm days we started a hobby of looking for snakes. There are tons of them that live around the lake so we would see how many we could count and catch. On one of our walks we counted 8 snakes.
One of the little snakes we caught
We even caught a huge bull snake. It was probably six feet long. I held it for a second but it rattled and tried to bite me so I had to let it go. It was the biggest snake I have even seen in the wild.
Big bull snake.

Lily and a little snake
Luke is more afraid of the snakes than anybody :) So afraid in fact that he gets nervous even trying to take a picture of the snake...that is why half my head is missing

The kids touching a baby snake
Jack's kindergarten is going great! His class got switched to part time so he is home with me more which I love. He is growing up so fast!
Jack's Kindergarten Picture

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lily turns two!

Lily had a big day for her 2nd birthday. First we spent the day at Jack's school where his class was able to sing her happy birthday

Then we joined Jack and his school on a field trip to the farm. Lily was most excited about being able to ride on the school bus
She was so excited that she could barely contain herself :)
At the farm we were able to pick pumpkins
See the farm animals
Walk around the farm

And then we got to ride the bus back to the school
At home that evening we had a small party for Lily
She was thrilled about the new shoes she got from Nani and Papi
She was already able to ride her new scooter like a pro (sorry the video is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to rotate it)
Happy Birthday to Lily

Lily and her princess dress
Her new bed and tent from Nani and Papi
The birthday girl
Happy Birthday Lily!
Lily's favorite present is probably the Barney doll that Jack got her.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall is here

I officially packed up our summer clothes and unpacked all our jackets/sweaters, etc. It seemed like the cold weather came on really fast this year... there was no time to adjust before the freezing temperatures hit. Our poor garden has suffered from the cold and we just picked what might be the last of our harvest:

Jack and Lily each had their first check ups at the dentist. I think they must be the only kids who LIKE going to the dentist

 Luke and I did a 5k through our church which was right around our very own lake. The post race party was really fun for the kids with bouncy houses and lots of food and even ice cream

 Lily has taken in interest in running. She loves to put on her "running" shoes and run on the trail
Jacks school has been going good. He has started saying a few things in French. His class is too small to be profitable though so they are switching it to part time. Part of me is happy that Jack will be home more. Full day kindergarten is a lot for a 5 year old.

Lily will be happy to have Jack around more too. They miss each other so much during the day. As soon as we pick Jack up from school they spend several minutes just hugging.