Friday, March 31, 2017

Pictures/Videos from March

The months just keep flying by. March was another super busy month for us. Even Josie passed out on our stairs one day

We all thought it was pretty funny...

We had a couple fun poker parties at our house. 

At one of them, Lily and her little friend decided to color their hair with nail polish. This was such a mess to get out.

Lily is such a fashonista. Here she is with her jewels all over her face and and awesome outfit.
Josie's new favorite thing to do is give thumbs up. If you're lucky, you'll get double thumbs
It always thrills the girls when Jack will play dress up with them. I think its pretty funny, but Luke, not so much...
Another day the kids were playing nice in my closet. They turned it into their secret hide out. Notice "creepy doll head" is even in the picture
Jack snapped this photo of Lily that I think is great!
The kids and I did a few bike rides, we got up to 10 miles.
It is 5 miles to get to this park, that is the easy part. The 5 miles back home is ALWAYS more difficult
Jack had to do a piano performance this month
The kids had a swim meet.

Here are the videos from this month:

Josie's new favorite Just Dance dance

Jack's song for his piano piece

Jack at the swim meet

Lily at the swim meet

Monday, March 20, 2017

California Trip for Anniversary Party

We flew out to California to attend my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party. 

Unfortunately I got super sick right before we left, and was sick the entire trip. So I didn't get to take many photos, but here is what I have...

Josie is obsessed with this doll head. I need to write a post dedicated to her obsession. This doll head is constantly freaking me out in unexpected places. Like the time when Josie packed her own bag and when I opened it, there was a head inside. 

On the day of the party we drove down to the Temecula house for a pre-party happy hour. The kids enjoyed riding the in golf cart

And they especially loved riding in the elevator in the house

After happy hour, we drove down to the winery. Before dinner a photographer took some pictures. I have all her photos at the bottom of this post, but here are some shots I grabbed:

Our party was held inside the "Barrel Room" It was a neat atmosphere

About half way through the party Jack started looking ill...

Not much later, we had to create a place for him to lay down. This sickness comes on fast and is brutal

Meanwhile Lily was able to dance the night away
The next day Jack was officially down for the count. 
Then, on our last day there, Lily got taken down by sickness

It was such a bummer to be sick on a trip I had looked forward to for so long. Thank God for extra strength medicines so I could make it through the activities! With five people in our family it's almost impossible to take a trip anytime in the winter/spring without someone being sick. 

Here are the pictures taken by the photographer: