Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Summer Week 8

This is our last week of summer in Colorado! The kids are so excited for vacation that they have been counting down the days. Jack and Lily both made countdown chains... Jack is very consistent with taking one off every day. Lily doesn't really care as much
Each chain is even decorated with pictures of fun things they want to do on vacation. Here is Jack's chain depicting the "Tower of Terror" ride

Our friends had to move this week so I volunteered to watch all the kids (their 3 + my 3) at Chuck E Cheese. That makes two times at Chuck E Cheese for me in less than 5 least the kids had fun. 

 Monday morning we headed out at 8am to try to attempt hiking Horsetooth Falls with some friends.
 The kids did great

 It was a hot day so the kids had a blast getting in the water at the bas of the falls

 Lily loves to pose for the camera

 Jack wanted to pose too

 The hike back from the falls was a little more challenging. It was getting hot and Lily was really tired. But she pushed through and made it back without being carried

 Monday night we had our last home group session with friends. Josie really wanted to join the kids on the playground
Tuesday we headed to the indoor bowling center to play games and have dinner with my mom. The kids favorite ride is this roller coaster simulator:
 Jack also found a game that he loves to play on the iPad

 After dinner we met Luke at the trampoline place to jump for 2 hours before bed. Everyone loves jumping!

And that is it for our summer in Colorado. Everyone is excited to start the next part of our vacation.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Summer Week 7

We celebrated Nani's birthday this past week with a trip up to the Budweiser Bier Garden. 

It was the last day that the Clydesdales were at the brewery so we were lucky to see them. I guess they are only there a few days every year

We really enjoyed the biergarten! It was a great atmosphere and good food.

The kids had fun too since there were tons of lawn games set up

Even the indoor portion of the brewery was really nice
We toured the brewery

Then enjoyed some more beer

After the brewery, I took the kids to Lily's best friends birthday party

This week was also the last week of track and we got our pictures back

Tuesday morning we got our free breakfast at Chick Fil A
Then we went to Chuck E Cheese with some friends
After Chuck E Cheese we went to a local garden which also has a play area
The kids loved the little house
Lily and Cassie
Josie really wants to play
Wednesday Jack had a playdate at his friend Rose's house

The kids go to a "Kids Night Out" at Lily's preschool on Wednesday nights and Luke and I hit up Happy Hour during my 90 minutes of free time
Thursday we headed to the splash park with some friends

Even Josie got in on the fun

This splash park is right on the river, you can even swim in the river. The kids in the distance are jumping off from above into the river

It was a huge park with a shaded sandpit
And here is Lily posing in front of the play equipment

Friday Lily and I both got haircuts. Here is before
And after

More posing with her new haircut
Saturday morning we headed out to a kids fun run
Before the race
The kids ran holding hands
After the fun run, we met up with Jack's school friends for another birthday party. Jack was thrilled to see his buddies again

I was able to use my new bike trailer and loved the fact that Josie can sleep in it

Here are some videos from this week. The first one is Josie waving. It is so cute

This video is from when Lily got her haircut. We went to Claire's afterward to get her a headband and she spent 30 minutes trying on different bands and posing in front of the mirrors

Josie is really close to walking. She stands up constantly 

On Tuesday nights we go to the trampoline park and let the kids jump before bed. Jack has been perfecting his flips. When I filmed these videos, they were in slow motion but for some reason they are super fast now