Monday, July 6, 2015

Summer Week 4 and 4th of July

Week 4 became a bit busier as I have made it a goal to try and tone up before our trip to California. My exercise routine became a little more intense and looks something like this:

Monday: 5 mile run before kids wake up followed by 15 minutes weights
Tuesday: Free weights at gym followed by hour spin class
Wednesday: 5 mile run before kids wake up followed by 15 minutes weights
Thursday: Free weights at gym followed by hour spin class
Friday: Either cardio or weights before kids wake up
Saturday: 3 mile speed intervals before kids wake up

You'd think with all that exercising, I'd be ripped. But with all the soda and beer I drink, I have a hard time even maintaining a decent weight. If I cut out soda and/or beer I wouldn't have to exercise nearly as much... but I'm not ready to do that. 

Once kids wake up, then the fun begins. One day a friend of ours surprised Lily by leaving several purses on our doorstep for her:

We had some friends over for a water balloon fight using some of the water balloons from Jack's birthday

 Friends invited us to their pools for the afternoon:

The kids are still doing track 3 days a week.

Lily made a good friend a track and we had a playdate with the new friend at the park. The girls had so much fun playing in the water and sun that they fell right asleep on the concrete:

We try to make it to our local farm a couple days a week to load up on fresh veggies. This week we got peas and carrots. The kids loved the peas:

And while the kids were eating peas, Josie got into something else:

I got a new phone for my birthday and here is my first picture from the new phone:

We've also had fun with the new slow motion feature on my phone

On the 4th of July we went to a kids workshop at Home Depot

Followed by a hike with friends

We brought the hiking backpack for Josie to use, but she didn't like it very much....

So we traded her out for Lily

After the hike we stopped by a local cider tasting room

 Then we went to friends house for dinner/playtime

 Once it got dark we walked over to the golf course to watch fireworks

It was a long day for the kids and they passed out as soon as they got in the car.

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