Monday, December 11, 2017


Jack and Lily are in Taekwondo and both tested for their first belt this month. 

Here is Jack after his testing;

Lily was invited to a birthday party in Loveland so we all went down and spent the day there. While Lily was at the party, Jack and josie and I enjoyed the Christmas decorations:

And Jack went ice skating:

Then after the party, we all went to visit Santa

And then we went to the sculpture park for some pictures

That evening we met friends for a light show at the sculpture park

Elsa and Anna were there

It was pretty freezing so we were able to stay for the first light show and then left

We decided to go check out the new Scheels store that had just opened. It was the biggest store I have ever seen in Colorado
Even had its own ferris wheel inside

Was a pretty cool store to pass a cold night.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving and more Fall

This November Luke started building side fences to enclose our backyard. This is in anticipation of adding a dog to our family: 

The family adopted a (mostly) gluten free diet, which included many new meals. Including my first attempt at making chili rellenos. 

We celebrated Thanksgiving with friends at my parents house. 

The bathrooms closed for the winter. I really love Colorado, but the bathrooms closing for the winter is probably my #1 least favorite thing about living here. Especially when I am on a run and in need of a bathroom...

 Josie is as sassy as ever

Lily won the raffle at church and her pastor came and brought her lunch at school
 Sunny days at the brewery with friends

Lovin' on rescue dogs. Looking for our new family member...

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Fall days

Many adventures this fall. Including:

Raking leaves and discovering a Carolina Wolf Spider. 

We ended up capturing him and keeping him as a pet:

Fashion shows with the girls

Josie is always one step ahead in the messes she makes

Playing in leaf piles

Days at the park

Our newest kitchen gadget:

Lily fell down 8ft off the play equipment and almost bit through her lower lip.
Long days at home with nothing to do:

Practicing taekwondo in the basement:

And finally, sunny days at the denver zoo

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween festivities

Life just keeps getting busier and busier. This year Halloween snuck up on us and I wasn't even prepared. So many things were happening all at once. 

Jack had a piano recital. I had Josie on my lap and she kept fighting me for the phone and she finally took it out of my hands at the best part.

Josie and I had to spend half a day getting a flat tire fixed, so we had some fun with snapchat

Then each of the kids had Halloween parties at school. Jack and his friend were dressed the same

One night we took the kids to Treatslyvania at the Farm. Last time we went was a couple years ago and I never wanted to go back because it is always so crowded

But this year Jack's school had a "door" so Luke was there volunteering and handing out candy
The kids had a great time and got their first big stash of Halloween candy

The Saturday before Halloween, the neighborhood had a Chili Cook Off. I had been planning this event for months and we were able to use the school cafeteria and friends of ours found a band to come play

As part of the chili cook off, we had a neighborhood bike parade. It was pretty fun. It is a lot of work so hopefully next year I will have more people to help

On Halloween day the kids had school like normal, but then after school we headed over to Luke's work. I'm so thankful my kids don't really care about costumes... I hate the idea of buying new costumes every year when we have plenty of dress up clothes and old costumes anyways. So here is what they came up with:

After trick-or-treating through the cubes at Luke's work, we headed home. It was a nice (but chilly) evening so we pulled out the fire pit to our driveway and handed out candy right at the side walk. We were able to meet many neighbors and it was a great time.
 Josie didn't even want to go around the neighborhood, she was happy passing out the candy right here

Jack was so proud of his candy stash. Right when he got home he filed up the drawers in his room

The next morning Jack had a definite candy hangover.

I ended up buying all their candy off them for $5 each. I have it all in the freezer, ready to use for random parties and Halloween next year