Sunday, January 31, 2016

Marathon training: Month 1

Marathon training is in full swing. We are running over 100 miles a month right now. Not so easy to do during the winter. I try to make it out as long as it is over 20 degrees, but getting outside is a chore. First I have to make sure Josie is tired and well fed. Then I have to put her 'fuzzy bunny suit' and her blankets in the dryer to make sure they are nice and warm. If I time it just right, then she will be warm and cozy and sleep for my entire run. It is the one hour of quiet I get during the day. Some days I push the double stroller (such a pain)...

And other days I just have Josie. You can see in this picture how tired she is. She knows as soon as her 'fuzzy bunny suit' (her pink and white bunting) goes on that it is almost nap time. 

Luke has his own training schedule and finds time to run during his lunch break. He has been afflicted with terrible shin splints and is doing his best keeping up with his training plan while managing the pain.

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