Friday, February 12, 2016

Funny things they say...

The kids are constantly cracking me up with the funny things they say. Here are a couple of my favorites from this past week:

(Jack had been studying Martin Luther King Jr. at school)
Jack: "Mom, I don't want to go to school today. Can I stay home with you?"
Me: "No. Jack, you can't skip school"
Jack: "Why? Martin Luther skipped two grades"

Background: Jack has a crush on a girl, Elise, at school. He has liked her for two years but she has always told him that she hates him. But for valentines day she gave him a valentine that said "I'm yours XOXO."  Jack was over the moon saying that she's only pretending to hate him but she really loves him. Meanwhile there is another girl in his class, Rose who he has been going to school with since kindergarten and she has always loved Jack. We always tease them that they would make a cute couple since she is a tall Haitian girl and he is a little white boy. The night after the Valentine party, we went to a movie night at the school. Rose was there and Jack was so excited to tell her all about the valentine he received from Elise. Even later that night I talked to Jack some more:

Me "So I heard you tell Rose about the valentine from Elise"
Jack: "Yeah, she couldn't believe that Elise loves me"
Me: "You shouldn't brag about that with Rose. Don't you think she might be a feeling a little jealous?"
Jack: "Why? Do you think Rose really likes Elise too?"

And here are some funny ones from Lily:
 "I really want to pinch someone. Like, for fake... I really want to be a spider."


"Blue little dragons really like bunnies"

Never a dull moment.

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