Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tiny Tornado

Josie is a handful! Our 'easy' little baby is turning into a wild toddler! I have to constantly keep my eye on this one, she is always into something. 

One of her favorite things is to climb on top of our dining table. 

And she has started biting, and hitting and throwing fits:
But she is so cute that even the grocery store people give her a cup of whipped cream to keep her happy during grocery shopping.
Sometimes she is so very sweet
But oh the messes. So many messes. She is constantly covered in food, or pen, or markers, or paint...
Or poop. She has learned to dig into her dirty diaper...
But her kissy faces are so cute that I think how fun it would be to have another one...
And then I remember the tiny tornado and everything she leaves in her wake: 
And the constant cleaning
All the food off the floors
The cleaning never ends...
And I'm constantly grossed out by the things she eats. Like a cheese stick covered in green marker:

But she is so stinkin' cute. This little girl has us all wrapped around her little finger. Here she is showing off some of the words she knows:

And here is a peek into her new favorite word "no" and her attitude:

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