Saturday, January 25, 2014

I've seen better days...

Like I said in the last post, Luke was feeling really sick on Christmas day. The next day I was feeling sick too. Luke and I tried to stay in bed, but the kids weren't sick so they were bouncing off the walls. It is really hard to have both parents sick at the same time!

Thankfully Luke started feeling a little better the next day, while I got really sick. I think it was the flu and I spent the day in bed with shivers/high fever/etc. It was awful...I didn't think it could get any worse. It took several days to finally feel like I was on the mend, but after one good day I got a terrible headache. The worst headache I've ever had. I couldn't even think or walk with out pain. The pain was even in my teeth. After a couple days of the headache I finally called the doctor and they said it was probably a sinus infection and to rinse my sinuses. Luke went out and bought the NeilMed pot and it worked like a charm. After a day of using it, my headache finally went away! Yay!

But by now the Christmas break was just about over and I didn't get to do any of the fun things I had planned with the kids. I was still feeling a little off so the Sunday before school started we decided to take the kids to a bounce house place so they could do something fun after being stuck in the house with sickies for two weeks.

We weren't even at the bounce house place for 15 minutes when we found Jack laying on the floor screaming in pain. He said someone pushed him down a slide and he heard his arm crack. He was screaming that his arm was broken. We took him to urgent care where they did xrays but they didn't see a fracture. So instead, they diagnosed him with nursemaids elbow and tried to manipulate it back into place. They gave him splint and sent us on our way and said to follow up with the orthopedic doctor next week. Unfortunately, the orthopedic doctor couldn't see Jack until Thursday so Jack had to be a trooper and go to school and deal with the pain for four days.

Meanwhile, I was finally feeling better again and was able to get caught up on the cleaning and chores that had been neglected. Then Wednesday night I started throwing up... it lasted all night and morning long. Last time this happened I ended up in the ER so this time I called the doctor right away Thursday morning and got some Zofran. It worked like a charm and stopped the vomiting, but didn't really help with the nausea. Thursday afternoon was Jack's appointment with the orthopedic doctor and he was diagnosed with a broken elbow and he got a cast.

Friday I was feeling better again and was able to help at Jack's school. We went to the clubhouse Friday night where they had a happy hour and pizza. After that we played Wii and went to bed early. Later that night Jack came into our room feeling sick. Then he started throwing up...all over the bed.

What a month! But it didn't stop there.

Towards the end of the month we took a trip to Winter Park and the night before we were to leave Lily decided to head bang the table. Huge bump, possible broken nose. Nothing the doctors can do for her so now she just has to wait it out.

I'm ready for February to be here already!

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