Sunday, March 2, 2014

Getting caught up...January pictures

January was the month of sicknesses. You can read about it in my post from January. It was a nightmare. A couple things of interest did happen:

We made a fort from all of the Christmas boxes we had gathered 

Jack broke his elbow
Got his first cast

Then Lily broke her nose. Well, we don't have the official diagnosis of broken nose from a doctor yet, but seeing as she still has a definite bump and mark I think we will find out it is/was broken at her next appointment.

We took a ski trip to Winter Park with my parents. The kids loved riding in the wagons
Jack couldn't take lessons because of his broken elbow, so he and Lily went in the day care for a whole day while Luke and I took ski lessons together. It was a blast! First time skiing with Luke in over 5 years.

One day we took the kids sledding. You can't really tell by this picture but this was a HUGE hill. Not even sure it was safe for Luke to take the kids. But they loved it anyways.
2 weeks after his first cast, Jack got the cast off and had his arm re-exrayed. It was still broken so he chose red for his next cast and had to wear that for another 3 weeks.

I took this picture of me and Lily and it brought back memories from when she was a tiny baby who would only sleep in my arms
Lily 2 years

Lily 2 months

and speaking of babies... we also got a surprise this month...

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