Monday, December 29, 2014

Second Christmas

The kids were so excited to receive some gifts from Grammie in the mail. Jack and Lily both got a lego set, the first for both of them. 

I never even realized how fun it was to put together the lego creations. I had just as much fun as the kids going through the book and putting together the legos piece by piece. Several hours later we finished both lego creations. And then Jack said "Lily, do you want to destroy them?" and she said yes. And that was the end of all our hard work. 

However, Jack did try to build another lego creation later that day:

Another day the kids were so excited to receive a very large box at our doorstep. So large and heavy that I could barely drag it in. Inside were tons of gifts. Seeing as it was almost bedtime, the mean mommy I am made the kids wait until morning to open everything. Bright an early the next morning it was Christmas again! 

 Lily and her beautiful new outfit
 Josie showing off her new shirt

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