Saturday, September 24, 2016

September Reno Diaries

Renovation really started picking up steam this month! Our plan is to move into the new house at the end of the month so we need to get as much done as possible by then. 

Demo is pretty much done and next most important thing is the flooring. All the hardwood for the new floors was delivered. It has to sit in the house for a while to acclimate

Meanwhile the kitchen is really taking shape. Hours and hours and hours have gone into planning out this island. You can see all the blue tape on the floors carefully mapping out the kitchen cabinets and the island table. There is no room for error.

Outside of renovations, life still goes on. The kids are both in swim team twice a week. It is so much fun to watch them!

Our weekends are spent with house stuff. Here are luke and the kids cleaning walls before painting

We also discovered a new brewery less than one mile from our house. It is super kid friendly and is my new favorite hang out place

Kitchen island after drywall

A view from the living room

View from the front door

Hardwood floors going in!

My neighbor helped me to outline Horsetooth mountain on Jack's bedroom wall. One day I will get around to painting it in.

There are so many decisions I have to make everyday with this renovation. And they are big decisions that cannot be changed. Like this decision to choose the hardwood flooring color. I only had a couple hours to think about it and pick the color I liked.

Flooring done!

Luke's mom came out for a quick visit and she took the kids shopping. It's always an adventure taking all three kids anywhere. Josie is a wild card and you never know what she's up to

 After I caught up with her and put her clothes back on, she was happy to carry out her stash from the store

While Grammie was here we were able to visit the kids at lunchtime

Hardwood floors after they were stained

The next week all the baseboards were delivered and had to be painted. Here is the station I set up in the garage

I have had no time to prepare lunches for the kids. Thankfully the school has a hot lunch program that we can use, but Lily decided to pack herself a lunch one day: two cookies and a probiotic package

For our date night this month Luke and I painted the ceilings

Every weekend we spent painting the walls. I think every wall in the entire house has been painted

Those high ceilings proved to be a pain in the @$$ to paint

This cannot be safe!

 The kitchen island has been painted. Supports for the table installed and recessed lighting is working.

After the floors, we got our new carpet! It is so nice!

I thought a month would be plenty of time to finish the majority of the renovations but it turns out it is not much time at all! We are hustling, but our move in date is quickly approaching. No way will we finish everything. The goal now is just to make the house livable. 

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