Sunday, January 29, 2017


Here is what has been going on with us. 

The kids seemed to have many days off of school in January. To keep busy, we did a lot of coloring. One of the coloring books that the kids got was this 3D book that lets your pictures come to life on your phone: 

Our friends had their annual king cake party and we got to eat these delicious cakes

We finished our Pandemic game! Took us 13 months.

We attempted to build an igloo. Didn't quite work out...

Josie was a sweet, silly nut

And also a trouble maker

The kids got invited to a birthday party at the local indoor pool

Lukes friend came to stay with us with his son.

The kids continue to do great in swim team
 The weather is nice enough to run outside again

And take bike rides with the kiddos

We finally made it to the pinball arcade/bar downtown.

Luke had his nails done

The kids participated in a jog-a-thon at their school

We had the chance to dog-sit for our neighbors. The kids absolutely LOVED having a dog!

Lily got to have some playdates with her best friend

She also got another sister:

Even Josie has a new little friend and got to have her first playdate

Here are some recent videos:

Josie loves to dance!

The kids fun run was nuts!

My little chat with Josie

The kids Warhead challenge

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