Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Blizzards

This has been a crazy spring. One day we get 10 inches of snow and the next it is 80 degrees and we are all in flip flops and shorts. I have packed up our snow clothes three times already... only to have to dig them out again the following week. 

Here is a snapshot from the last two weeks in Colorado. 

First, we had a major snowstorm that dumped on us. When I took Jack to school the next morning the car was buried under at least 15 inches of snow

And then it kept snowing for a couple days
The kids (and I) were crazy inside trying to think of things to do.

We came up with a few new games including jumping from pillow to pillow
And pillow fights

And then the next day the sun was shining and we were able to sled and build a snowman
Jack and Brody and the snowman
Of course, the best part is pushing the snowman over
And then jumping on him

Here are the boys eating icicles from the trees
The snow was perfect for rolling snowmen. I always thought that only in movies could you start with a small ball of snow and roll it until it became a big huge ball... but it really does work. I guess you just need the right snow. Here is Jack rolling a big ball of snow

Until it gets too heavy to roll anymore

And then the very next day, the kids are eating ice cream outside. 
I love our apartment! They always have fun treats for the kids and this day they had an ice cream bar set up with all sorts of yummy toppings. Lily loves Jack so much she even shared hers after he finished his.
And the next day, there was no snow to be seen. Jackets and boots are packed away and we look forward to spring weather.

Until it hits again. The last week in April another snowstorm came through. The kids were once again stuck inside. Window markers came to the rescue to entertain them for several hours.

And we put bowls outside to collect fresh snow to make snow ice cream
I think they liked it better than regular ice cream
We experimented with homemade play dough

And then we had a few days of fabulous weather. It was in the 80s and we were all in shorts and I even got a sunburn when I took a midday run with no sunscreen.

Then May 1st, it happened again. Another snowstorm.

I can't wait for Spring to finally arrive! I am officially sick of the snow. 

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