Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Hike: Cub Lake Trail

Luke made his famous cheesy eggs for Mother's Day and then we headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park for a hike and picnic. We wanted to drive by Moraine Campground and practice setting up our new tent to get ready for several camping trips we have planned there, but the campground was closed. So instead we parked at a nearby trail and did a short hike.
We did the Cub Lake trail but we didn't
make it all the way to cub lake 

Jack is thrilled to be on top of the rock

Lily's attempt at putting her
own jacket on.
After our hike and picnic we drove around until we found an open campground and we practiced setting up our tent. Then we drove home and picked up my two favorite things for dinner: chipotle and Snowdrop beer from Grimm brothers.
I am one happy mom! :)

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