Monday, April 22, 2013

Soccer Stud

Jack started soccer lessons this spring. He is supposed to practice twice a week with games on Saturdays, but with all the crazy snowstorms we have only been able to have a few practices and two soccer games so far. Jack is not really into soccer yet. He hates having to wear his shin guards and the only reason we can get him to practice is because his friend Eva is on the team. And to get him to his games we have to bribe him with Chick fil A. 

But once he's playing, he seems to really enjoy it. Here is Jack's team "The Sharks"

Getting ready for their first game
Jack is after the ball
Racing against the white team

Half time in soccer means all the kids get to eat oranges. I guess this is some sort of soccer tradition...
Ready to play the next half

Jack and his friend Eva
Jack's 1st goal!!! He was so proud. 
He played a good game
Jack and Eva
Jack with his coach and some friends
I'm not sure if we will sign up for soccer again this summer. I really like that Jack can have the opportunity to play on a team, but he doesn't seem to like soccer that much. His favorite sport is swimming and he is really good at it, so we will probably stick with swimming as much as possible this summer. But we still have several soccer games/practices to get through and I'm sure once Jack gets his end of the season medal he may start to like playing on a team. 

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