Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Garden

Our apartment offers 10'x10' garden plots, so I decided it was time I learned how to plant food. I have never grown anything in my life so this will be quite the adventure.

The kids and I spent last week getting our plot ready. We spent several hours picking all the weeks and things out of our dirt. Jack absolutely loved it and already offered to pick weeds for our neighbors. Then the next day we went to till the ground with a huge tiller that was almost like a lawn mower. Come to find out, we could have skipped the whole picking weeds process and just tilled the ground first, then just pulled out the big weeds. Oh well.

Then we planned what vegetables we wanted to grow and went to buy seeds. Apparently there are only certain times when you can plant seeds so even though we had a whole list of seeds to buy, we only got a few that we can plant right now. So far we have planted carrots, broccoli, spinach and arugula. In the next few weeks we will add green beans and asparagus. And eventually we will also add tomatoes, cilantro, jalepenos, bell pepper and sweet peppers. I just hope something will grow. Jack is already looking forward to "his" carrots, so they better turn out. Otherwise I might just have to buy carrots at the store and plant them in our garden for Jack to find. :)

Getting the garden ready

Jack loves picking weeds

Lily loves dirt. She is not sleeping, she
is laying in the dirt. And then she
proceeded to eat the dirt...fresh
manure and all. 
First seeds planted

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