Saturday, June 22, 2013

A week of birthday fun!

We kicked off Jack's birthday week with a party at Nana and Papi's house. 
Birthday cake made by chef Nana

Marshmallow shooter from Papi
For the big present, Jack had to be blindfolded
 Surprise! A new trampoline!
 A great way to keep the kids entertained and get them tired!
On Jack's actual birth day we made a trip down to Waterworld with Jack's buddy Braxton. 

 The boys had a blast together!

Jack's favorite ride is the Dinosaur ride, so we went on it several times. Jack was thrilled!

It is a pretty fast and scary ride and freaked Lily out

 Proud to be five!
 Underwater camera fun

And then, that weekend we had two more parties! The first was Jack's party with all his friends at our local swimming pool. It was the first party I have ever planned and most likely the last. I can't even begin to explain how much work planning a birthday party can be. Especially if you have a theme... Jack wanted a pirate theme and I guess I took it a little too far. 
Pirate banana, orange ship on blue jello ocean and pirate booty
 Although, I did learn one thing. If you use sword toothpicks, you can get kids to eat ANYTHING. Jack doesn't even like grapes, but he ate at least 20 sword toothpicks worth of grapes just to get the toothpick :)
Snack table
 The cake I made for Jack
 The birthday party:

 Blowing out candles
 Opening presents

 Then, later that night we had another party at our clubhouse to celebrate mine and Jack's birthday's with our friends
 Kids in line for the pinata
 This is the only picture I have of the cool treasure chest pinata
 And even later that night we had a game of poker. Kids were totally exhausted by this point. Lily is asleep in the stroller...
 And the birthday boy was passed out on the couch

Perfect end to a perfect week.

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