Saturday, April 23, 2016

April Happenings

April was a busy month. It was my last month of hard training and Luke was super busy with a project at work. Plus, we started home searching so any free time was spent driving around looking at homes. 

In between running, working and house searching we did manage to do a few other things: 

My date night with Lily:

Boy Scouts BBQ at our friends house

Boy Scouts graduation:

Tea Party with Lily at the bottom of the stairs

Jack graduated from his music class and had a final recital where he got to play his own composition for everyone

We have still been struggling to get Lily to sleep in her bed all night. She has night terrors and constantly comes into our room. We found that if she sleeps in Jack's bed, she doesn't wake up at night. So they have been "sharing" a bed, which really means Jack has 90% of the bed and Lily has 10%.

I'm sure it doesn't help that Jack loves to terrorize his sisters. He got in big trouble one morning when I came downstairs and found this: 

"A monster is going to come any day. I am going to take
Jack, Lily and Josie. By Monster

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