Monday, June 26, 2017

Jen's Bday

For my birthday this year I did something I have never done! I was invited for a girls night in Denver with my girlfriends. They arranged everything and I just had to show up. I had never had a night away from all the kids before so it was a big ordeal. 

The day I was supposed to leave, I had arranged a babysitter to come watch the kids until Luke got off of work. Right before she got there, Josie had gotten into my makeup and jack cut Lily's hair. It was a hot mess at our house and I felt terrible leaving the kids with the sitter in such a state

But I left. And I joined my three other girlfriends and we drove down to Denver. They had already arranged the hotel and all the dinner reservations so I just relaxed and enjoyed myself

One of the dinner reservations was at a sushi place, where our order got mixed up and we ended up getting double of everything. 

Our goal was to stay out as late as possible... we made until around 11pm when we were all tired. We headed back to the hotel and ordered late night pizza and hung out in the room. We didn't expect that the pizza would be 2 feet wide!

On my actual birthday, the kids and I did a hike with our group at a nearby reservoir

It was cold and gloomy when we started

We found more friends kayaking on the lake

Afterwards we went to get hamburgers and ice cream for lunch
That night we went to Paddlers Pub with some more friends

A few days later we checked out the country dancing bar. It wasn't really our scene, but it was fun enough... and the kids loved riding the mechanical bull. 

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