Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Rafting the Yampa

After saying goodbye to our condo, we wanted to have one more chance to raft the river. Jack's little boat wouldn't have fit all of us, so Luke went a bought a blow up mattress. We parked Lukes truck a mile up from where we had started the day before. This would give us a 2 mile trip, which we assumed would take an hour and a half.

Here we are ready for the adventure:

Since we started much further up the river this day, there were no other people on the water. It was completely peaceful. 

 About an hour into the trip we saw a ton of people playing in the water right off the river. We pulled over to check it out:

It turns out that the hot springs flow right into this little section so the water here is like a warm bath

The kids loved playing in it!

After we passed the hot springs area, we were back on the river where we had started the day before and we saw all the other tubers.

 The whole time on the river was just over two hours.

After we got off the river, we had to deflate both rafts and catch the city bus back to the truck. Unfortunately, the city bus took a long detoured route to all the resorts. We were on the bus for over an hour when we were finally dropped off at a hotel *near* where we had parked. The kids were so exhausted that I just waited with them by the side of the road while Luke hiked a half mile back to the truck and then came and picked us up. It was a super long day, but such a fun adventure!

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