Thursday, February 28, 2013

Luke's Surprise Party

I have to say that throwing a surprise party for your spouse is next to impossible. Not only did I have to keep is a secret from Luke, but I also had to keep it a secret from Jack (which was hard to do when I was shopping with him at the party store.) For three weeks I was sneaking around, hiding things at my parents house, and I even had to open a secret email account in order to invite our friends. But the biggest challenge was figuring out how to get Luke to go to the clubhouse after hours without arousing suspicion. We thought about having a neighbor ask him to walk over with him, or I could even come up with a reason to go over there... but the party started at 6pm which is when the clubhouse closes (unless you have it reserved). Plus, Friday night is typically our night to go to the local brewery for dinner so anything other than that would be suspicious. I finally came up with a plan and had to get our apartment manager, Jon as an accomplice. Luke was working from home that day so I told him we were going to be gone all day and we would meet him at home at 6pm to head to the brewery. We spent the day shopping and then decorating the clubhouse. We had to keep lookout and make sure Luke didn't decide to come to the clubhouse to work or get coffee. Everyone showed up for the party around 5:45 and then right at closing time I got Jon (clubhouse manager) to do his part. He was to go to our apartment and tell Luke that I was trying to get ahold of him (Luke has no cellphone) and that I called the clubhouse when I couldn't reach him by email. Jon needed to tell Luke to come to the clubhouse and talk to me on the phone. It worked!! Luke walked right into our trap and we were all there to surprise him with "Happy Birthday!!!" 

Party guests
The theme of the party was "RIP to Luke's Youth"

Luke's cake
The party was a blast! We split into groups (guys vs. girls) to play some funny games:

And we ended the evening with Cards Against Humanity.
It was a great night and a great time with friends to celebrate Luke's birthday. 

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