Saturday, October 25, 2014

More pictures and videos from October

Here are some recent pictures of Josie: 

Also this month we had another bloody incident from our notoriously clumsy child. One night Jack decided to jump on Luke while he was sitting on the couch and somehow Jack's mouth smacked the top part of the couch where there isn't much cushioning. Immediately the blood started pouring out and I figured he'd knocked out his front teeth. It bled for hours and hours and when it finally stopped we could see a pretty nasty cut along his two front teeth and his gums had even been pulled up. It has been a couple weeks now and it is still not healed all the way. This boy is always hurting himself!

He split his gums along the top of his
two front teeth
My parents went to New Zealand and brought back some things for the kids, including a pair of Uggs for Josie:
And my little 3 year old has starting throwing some major tantrums lately. Whoever coined the phrase "terrible twos" had it all wrong. Three is much harder than two. One such fit started when we needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store. Lily insists on buckling herself in her carseat, but this day we were crunched for time and of course she was having a hard time buckling herself. I gave her 10 minutes to try to buckle herself and when she couldn't do it, I buckled her in myself. Oh boy... that set off the tantrum of all tantrums. She screamed all the way to the store and then once we parked at the store the tantrum escalated. She was screaming so hard that 3 cars even stopped to check on us and make sure everything was all right. She screamed for at least 20 minutes before I could calm her down and get her into the store. Maybe 5 minutes later she crashed out in the cart

We have been having lots of fun and play dates with friends from Jack's school! 
 We also finished the last of the fun runs

 Another picture of Lily passed out after a long day

The kids got a new Wii game that has been lots of fun.

Josie started smiling this month, it is super cute to see

And Lily (aka her 2nd mommy), takes such good care of her baby sister. She loves to sing to Josie whenever Josie is crying. 

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