Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween fun

Life has been so busy lately that I haven't had time for any normal festive things. In fact, for the Halloween party at school, I had the kids wear their dragon costumes that they have had for 4 years. Luke convinced me that we should get the kids some new costumes, so after school I took the kids to walmart and they picked out some new costumes. Jack chose a vampire, Lily was the Queen of hearts and Josie didn't get anything. She can wear Lily's old dragon costume...

The kids were so thrilled to have new costumes that I sort of felt bad for making them wear the same costumes the last 4 years...

But then when it comes down to it, all they want is candy so does it really matter to spend money on new costumes when they would get candy either way? Luke's work had a trick or treat party and then our neighborhood had some fun trick or treating. I had to run to the ER (again) for a case of strep throat but then I was able to join Luke and the kids for the neighborhood walk.

So much candy in our house now! Funny how much kids love candy...even gross candy like this Halloween house the kids decorated and then didn't even eat because it was so hard.

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