Thursday, October 6, 2016

Living through renovations

Renovations suck! I vaguely remember people warning me that living through renovations would be tough... but I guess it's one of those things you don't understand until you live through it. 

We moved into our new house with no working kitchen. We had new appliances but the only thing that worked was our refrigerator. I though a refrigerator would be sufficient during renovations but I soon realized that was wrong... 

We severely needed a kitchen sink! Doing dishes in the bathroom was disgusting!

And... we also needed a microwave! That was our first purchase in the new house. Who knew how critical it was to be able to heat up our food....

Renovations are exhausting!

Despite all the business with the house, life still goes on and kids still have their homework and activities. Jack and Lily are both in music lessons and swim team which take up most our afternoons:

My grandpa came to visit and it just so happened that it was national taco day. Like always, I ordered way too much food... Jack ate tacos until he was practically in a coma

Jack, Luke and Papa

Planning out our custom island table was a huge endeavor. Many, many hours of planning and cutting out cardboard templates...

Living through renovations means constant mess:

I attempted to start running again. It has been so long that Josie is not used to being in the stroller. I had to bribe her with not one, but TWO suckers. She fell asleep mid sucker.

that is how exhausted we all are...

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