Monday, May 12, 2014

Hawaii! Day 2

Day two in Hawaii. It was great to wake up and eat breakfast to this view:

 While we ate breakfast, the master planner went to work on the days agenda
 Luke was able to spend a few hours in the morning surfing and the kids and I went hunting for sand crabs

 I had to take a picture of the liquor stash before it was sure to be depleted.
 Our mornings outing for the day included a trip to the Waimea Valley. In true Grove fashion, we showed up too early and the darn place wasn't open yet. We got a sneak peak of the scenery
 and some of their local creatures
 Then we headed across the street to the beach for an hour
 The kids got their first experience of the ocean waves
 Jack was having fun in the whitewater until the current sucked him under for a second and he got scared. These poor kids had no idea what it is like to swim in the ocean
 Lily was also enjoying the waves until she had a similar experience and wouldn't go back in the water afterwards...
 The rest of the family was enjoying the view from the beach
 Finally around 10am the Waimea Valley opened and we were among the first inside.
 It was a bit pricey to get in, but it was a beautiful hike

 The final destination were the Waimea Falls

 We all braved the 50 degree water to swim out to the waterfall
 You can't even believe how cold the water was!
 We swam up to the waterfall as fast as we could and snapped a picture
 And another picture
 And one more
 Then we got out as quick as possible and made the trek back.

 At the visitor center we all stopped for ice cream. Luke and the kids decided on some sort of cookie/ice cream but we also had to try the locally made popsicle... it was less than impressive
 We headed back home for lunch and Luke squeezed in another surf session
That big house behind Luke is where we stayed for the week
 The house was right on the pipeline of the North Shore in the area called "the back door." The currents and the waves were really strong so it wasn't a good place for the kids to swim. But they still enjoyed watching the water and getting their feet wet
And mostly just playing in the sand
 Eating lunch with Acacia and Kristi
 Relaxing after surfing
 For our afternoon outing we decided to head to the beach where the crash from "Lost" was filmed. It was a really windy beach with tons of kite surfers

 There were two dogs running around the beach who were very friendly and Jack had a blast playing with them (he really wants a dog of his own).
 You can see the kite surfers in the distance

 After the beach we hit up a local place for some shaved ice with vanilla ice cream

 Once back at the house it was time for dinner duty. The master planner consulted with the book to figure out who was on duty that night
 A very detailed list of all the family members was used to divvy up chores such as cooking, cleaning and drink making.
 Luke's team was up for dinner making that night

And Papi's team was in charge of drinks

The kids and I headed outside to stay out of the way

Then we got to enjoy a large family meal
Relaxing after dinner

Watching the sunset
Later that night we gathered together for a Cards Against Humanity game. We laughed well into the night with some rather inappropriate, but very funny cards. Thankfully the kids fell asleep so we could enjoy the game uncensored.

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