Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hawaii! Day 3

Day 3 of our trip was our big family outing. We started the day as always, enjoying the view

 Luke was able to get an amazing morning of surfing in with no one else on the water with him
 Then we loaded the whole family up in 3 vans and drove to the Ko Olina lagoon for our Ocean Adventures tour
Kristi, Lily and Mema before our boat ride

The whole gang
 We all loaded onto a boat for 4 hours of snorkeling adventures

The guys are ready to dive in
 Jack adapted very quickly to the snorkeling mask/goggles

 And then he was off...
 And next, it was Lily's turn
 Jack did amazing with snorkeling! He loved it and had no problems using the face mask or flippers. He was so thrilled to see all the fish and we even saw several sea turtles

Jack and Papi

 Lily did not want to wear the mask, but she still enjoyed seeing the turtles and watching the fish swim around her

 We had little canisters of fish food to attract all the fish
 Afterwards we tried to warm up as the water was freezing!
 Within a few minutes, Lily passed out.
 As the boat drove to our next snorkeling location Lily continued to sleep.

Next it was time to swim with the dolphins. The captain had us jump in one at a time in a straight line and then he drove off. While we were all waiting very still in the water a team of dolphins swam right under us. Jack was so excited to look down and see all the dolphins!

Jack loved being out on the boat

 Finally Lily woke up in time to enjoy the boat ride too. The kids loved hitting the big waves

 We got one more chance to swim with the fish and this time they gave Lily a little boogie board with a hole in the middle. We put fish food in the hole and she had a blast watching all the fish come right up to her.

Lily's little hand reaching for the fish

Once on board, the kids tried to warm up again
 Papi brought a surprise on board for Jack

 And we headed back to shore.
 After the boat ride we all had lunch together and then attempted to get cleaned up for the Luau. We were told there would be showers available, but it turns out they were just beach showers. I felt a little silly trying to take a real shower (soap, shampoo and all) right on the beach... but we managed.

Then once everyone was ready we drove down the street for our Luau at Paradise Cove.
Lily having fun with the totem man

And Jack with the totem man
 The Sunset Cove luau came with drink tickets and the drinkies looked amazing! I was so sad to miss out on these...
Papa and his drink
 Thankfully they did have virgin versions for the kids, but those are never the same

 We watched a ceremony of them taking the roasted pig out of the ground for dinner... but I have my suspicions that it was a fake pig just for show. But the kids were impressed and still talk about the pig to this day
 Here they are lifting out the (fake?) pig
 After a huge buffet dinner it was time for the show.
 As much as Jack and Lily were looking forward to seeing the fire dancer, neither made it that long. After all it was a long day...

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