Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hawaii! Day 5

Friday morning Luke and Jack woke up early and headed out for a 3 mile walk to a nearby bakery. What amazed me the most was not that Jack walked the whole way without whining (he usually complains after a mile), but that they brought 2 dozen donuts home without even having taste on the walk home. 

This bakery had the best "chocolate croissants." Basically they were just croissants with chocolate frosting smeared all over the top. But they were delicious! 
Enjoying the morning coffee and beach view
After a week of dangerous swimming conditions for the kids, we decided to drive to a kid friendly beach for the day. We settled upon the lagune at the Disney hotel and it was amazing!

The water was very calm, but after a few scares from previous days Lily was even scared of the tiny waves. 

But she got over it once she realized this was a safe beach
They had a floating platform for the kids to play on

It was a great beach for the kids and we had a great time

Later that night we played a dice game and Lily was really into it

And then she even won!

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