Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hawaii! Last day and flight home

After a week in Hawaii it was finally time to head home. That morning we cleaned up our room and I had to take a picture of one little unique feature in our room: 

See that beam in the picture above? It was just at the perfect height so that in the middle of the night when we came in our room, or when Luke got up to use the bathroom, he would smack his head on it. A couple times he hit the beam so hard I was sure it would knock him out.

But this was the view from our room, so it kind of made up for the bad beam placement
We all gathered together to get some family pictures.

And then we headed to Waikiki for the day. It was an amazing beach and had great waves for body boarding

Jack had a blast out there with Luke. They caught several great waves
Even riding one all the way into shore

Lily and I relaxed on the beach and played in the sand

After a morning at the beach we headed back to a hotel to get washed up for the flight home. The kids spent some time swimming in the hotel pool and we were sure no one got a nap. Our flight home left around 8pm that night and both kids were fast asleep before the plane even left the ground! They did not wake up once during the 8 hour flight. It was the best flight ever!

They love to say goodbye to our luggage

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