Monday, June 23, 2014

Our new place

Moving is a pain so I won't even go into the hassle of what we went through to move out of our apartment. Although I have to say that two years ago when we first moved back from Switzerland all we had were 3 suitcases. Now, two years later we needed two trips with a moving truck to get everything moved. And I also have to say that I have moved at least once during every pregnancy... almost like they are connected somehow.

Moving day was on a Saturday and we hired a truck and some guys to help Luke. Meanwhile I had to take Lily to her 9am dress rehearsal for her performance that night. But the paperwork with all the information was lost somewhere in the boxes and I couldn't remember where she was performing. I figured it was at the theater right by her dance studio so we headed there and arrived 10 minutes early. After noticing the empty parking lot and locked theater doors we realized it must be the wrong theatre. After frantically searching through my emails I found out that she was to perform at a theatre in the next town over.. 30 minutes away. So we got there as fast as we could and ran in the doors just to see her little dance group walking off stage. We had just missed the dress rehearsal.

Oh well...

Then we spent the day moving with Luke and that evening we took a break from hauling boxes to enjoy Lily's recital. The next day we were able to start unpacking and at least make our place livable. Then, I had the duty of cleaning our old apartment. Lucky for Luke he was sent out of town on business that week so the kids and I spent Monday - Friday cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. We got that apartment in sparkling condition. Meanwhile our new house was barely livable and it was driving me crazy. I was so happy to finally turn in the keys to our old apartment and finally be able to spend time on our new place.

It is finally all coming together and feeling like home. Here are a few pictures:

The thing I love best about our new place is having a backyard. I love sending the kids outside to play. And they love running around!
 Here is our dining room
 And our living room with a new 50" TV that was one of the first purchases for our new place since we haven't had a TV in over two years.
 The other view of the living room
 We have a guest bedroom/playroom
 Jack and Lily share a room
 And our bedroom overlooks the backyard

I will have more to post about our new place soon. 

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