Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Visit to Laughlin

The weekend after school ended we made a trip to Laughlin to visit Luke's grandparents. In an attempt to find cheap flights for the four of us I went with Spirit Airlines. At first glance, they had the cheapest flights, but then they had extra charges for everything imaginable. I even had to pay to have the kids sit next to me and not in some random place. Since we didn't pay to choose Luke's seat, he wasn't near us but everything was fine and the kids were amazing on the two hour flight. 

We flew into Las Vegas and both Jack and Lily were upset because they thought it was "lost Vegas" and we would get lost there. We had to explain that people don't get lost in Las Vegas, but they go there to lose their money. 

After flying into Vegas we rented our car and then drove to Laughlin where we met up with Luke's grandparents as well as his aunt and cousin. Jack was beyond excited to see his cousin Deven again

 Grandma and Grandpa set up a pool for all the kids to play in
 Lily and Grandpa Jay
 Luke and his Grandpa
 All the guys
 And the girls
 Before we headed home we had to stop by In n Out
 Last time we went to In n Out was 2 years ago when we first came back from Switzerland
 Here we are almost exactly two years ago
Lily got my camera and snapped this picture of Jack
 And a selfie
 And then Jack took a turn at a picture of Lily
 A group shot before saying goodbye
 Before heading to the airport we stopped by Krispy Kreme and had some fresh hot donuts. They were amazing!
 Once at the airport we found out our plane was delayed by 2 hours. So the kids and I passed the time walking up and down the moving sidewalks over and over again.
It was a quick trip but good to see everyone again. 

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