Saturday, June 7, 2014

Start of Summer

School is over and the fun has begun!

Jack's last day of school
 The pool at our apartment is open. The first two weeks it was freezing cold because the heat exchange was broken. And then, they heated it so hot that it was practically a big spa. And now it is about the right temperature. But in any case, the kids swim in the water at least 5 days a week regardless of the temperature
 We have also visited a couple of splash parks. This one is in Ft. Collins where we will be moving in the next couple of weeks

 And here is the splash park right by our house in Loveland

The kids and I also have a trail around the lake we like to take several times per week. There is a certain spot that we always have to stop so they can roll down the grassy hill...
And now that Jack is home with us all day, we have started a chore system. Jack unloads the dishwasher, cleans his room and makes the beds, helps with laundry and has even started cooking with me. He is so eager to help with everything and it has actually been helpful having him assist with dinner prep. His favorite thing to do is cut the fruit for our fruit salads. Jack does a great job so everything is eatable... Lily on the other hand usually smashes everything she cuts... but at least it keeps her busy too.
Kids cutting fruit

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