Monday, August 11, 2014

Meet Froggie the Frog

Several weeks ago Luke and Jack came home with a frog after one of their fishing trips. Apparently Luke spotted it while fishing and Jack convinced him to bring it home. So they went and picked up a small aquarium and surprised Lily and I when they came in with the frog.

Jack is an animal lover and he absolutely loves his new pet. He has named him Froggie and he loves to "pet" the frog regardless of how many times we tell him frogs don't like to be touched. 

Jack with his new pet Froggie

While cleaning his aquarium we let Froggie free in the grass

Jack and Froggie

Then last weekend when the kids were riding bikes at the mountain park, Jack spotted another small frog hopping along. We brought him home to keep Froggie company. This frog was named Jumpie. 

Froggie (right) and Jumpie (left)

New friends
The frogs seem to like each other and the kids are still loving having a pet. We get to feed them meal worms and crickets every morning and the kids love to watch. 

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