Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More summer fun

It has been really hot lately and we have been trying to make daily trips to the pool or the splash playground. We have also made a few other outings including a trip to another kids day hosted by the city. The theme this time was animals so the kids got to see lots of animals including snakes:
 And a horse ride
 Being 9 months pregnant in summer is no fun. Lily snapped this shot where you can see how big baby is getting!
 We also have some sprinkler toys in the backyard which are great for the days I can't make the walk to the park
 For our anniversary we splurged on a few much needed items including a sliding bench for the backyard and an umbrella.
This past weekend we ventured out past the park and followed the trail further down the road to a mountain bike park. The kids had a blast on the trails:

 Lily has a huge daredevil side when it comes to riding her strider. She took the hills of the bike park even faster than Jack and as she was flying down the trail I could hear here saying "Wow, WHOA, Wow, WHOA, I LOVE THIS!" It was really cute but also frightening to watch since I knew how bad it would be if she fell.

Here is a video of them at the bike park:

Just another week and a half left before Jack starts school. And less than a month left before baby is here!

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