Wednesday, April 22, 2015

And on to April

I am having a hard time keeping up with this blog. In fact, I am having a hard time keeping up with anything while training for this half marathon. It seems like all my free time during the day (which is only like an hour) is spent running. And then by night time, I'm ready to collapse into bed. I am so thankful that the race will be over in 2 weeks. Until then, I have to keep running!

Josie is trained to sleep in the stroller. She usually falls asleep within 5 minutes of my run and will wake up as soon as the stroller stops. Most days it works out great. But then there are the days when she doesn't sleep. Those days are no fun:

She has also started trying some new foods. She just likes to taste things but doesn't really eat much.

When the girls are together I always hear how much they look alike. But sometimes when I see Josie, I get flashbacks of Jack as a baby
Josie at 6 months
Jack at 8 months
Josie and Luke
This third time around we haven't even fought the cosleeping issue. Josie sleeps with us and for the first time we actually like it. She is a snuggly little girl and we know she'll be in her own bed soon enough
Me with my girls
Lily is still obsessed with clothes. She has mini meltdowns every day over what she will wear. She even asks me to take pictures of her in different outfits so she can see what they look like:
A couple weekends ago we went to a monster truck race with Luke's boy scout troop. Neither Luke or I were prepared for how loud it would be. Thankfully we had brought earplugs and headphones just in case

But even it was still too loud for the baby. Thankfully, they were selling the noise canceling headphones so I bought a pair for Josie

They seemed to work fine and she was able to sleep most of the race. Although, I if I had known better I wouldn't bring a baby again. Too loud and also the smell of exhaust was terrible.

Our two boy scouts. One of whom is too cool to open his eyes for pictures.
Jack and Lily both started Spring Soccer this month. This is Lily's first time at soccer and she loves it
There is a face that Lily makes when she is trying to be mean to other kids. I have been trying to get a picture of it, but it's really hard. I finally got it at soccer. I think she was squinting at the sun, but this is her mean face

She makes this face when she gets bossy around other kids

Growing up as an only child I had no idea how much siblings fight. Seems like they fight more the older they get. The fighting gets old so fast and I have very little patience for the constant bickering. So we came up with a solution. The kids have a card on the fridge that says "We love each other" and every time I catch them playing nice or doing something nice for the other one, they get a star. When they fill the card with stars, they get a treat. It took them a few weeks to fill their first card, but they were so excited for their treats!

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