Thursday, April 2, 2015

Time with Jack

Jack has matured a ton this past year. He is excelling in first grade and has grown out of most of the immature behaviors that he got in trouble for last year. Reading finally clicked for him as well and he has astonished us by how amazing he can read now! He won't really speak French with us at home but his teacher says he is doing great in school. She does send home books to read in French so that is when we get to see his progress: 

Here is Jack's first grade class:

Jack is also in his first year of piano lessons. He is reading music and playing chords. He is doing amazing and though he complains about practicing, he really seems to enjoy it when he masters a song: 

Jack excels the most at swimming. He is in swimming lessons with kids much older than him and he will be joining the swim team this summer. He is a little fish in the water and he says it is his favorite sport. When we went to the pool with friends over spring break there was a diving board but the lifeguards wouldn't let him use it unless he passed a swim test. He had to swim the entire length of the pool and back with no assistance and both lifeguards were astonished when he made it. He was so happy to be able to use the diving board and he even got a little daring and tried doing flips:

Jack's favorite things right now are playing Wii with Luke, doing search and find books, and playing tent with Lily (taking all the chairs in the house and covering them with all the blankets in the house and then stuffing all the toys in the house underneath... a huge headache for me). He is the typical first born with a strong desire for control and leadership. He approaches every situation head on and never cowers. We have been working on his aggressive tendencies because they get him into trouble, but they also are an advantage in some areas. One day at the park a little boy was being mean to Lily. Jack waited next to Lily until the boy's dad came. The boy's dad was a very scary looking guy, I was even a little afraid of saying anything. But Jack went right up to the man and said "your boy hit my sister" in a firm voice. The man apologized and made his son apologize and Lily was instantly happy. It was great to see Jack stick up for her like that. 

As for classes, Jack is doing piano lessons, swimming lessons, soccer, taekwondo and boy scouts. It has been a very busy spring for him but he has had no problem keeping up. His energy is limitless. 

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