Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Bridal Veil Falls Hike

We went back to Estes park to do the Bridal Veil Falls hike that we had wanted to do over Memorial Day weekend. Thankfully this time the parking lot wasn't full! This was a 6.5 mile roundtrip hike, the longest hike the kids have ever done. But they did amazing!

Here is Jack touching the waterfall

Family picture at Bridal Veil Falls
The hike got difficult as soon as Josie woke up. She had slept almost the entire way to the waterfalls, but once she was awake she didn't want to stay in the carrier.
We let her out to play with the kids for a while

And we let her walk for a while

But she is really slow so we had to put her back in the carrier for a few miles and she cried the whole time. Finally we just took her out of the carrier and I carried her in my arms the last mile or so.

The last mile was tough for Lily as well, but she powered through. She is one tough cookie!

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